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TUV-Nord, a registered and accredited Certifying Body for ISO 9001:2015, conducted the first Surveillance Audit for Casiguran Water District’s Quality Management System (QMS) on March 3, 2022. The rigorous one-day virtual audit aims not only to ascertain the effectiveness of the existing QMS but also to determine District’s adherence to the said system. Also, the Certifying Body aims to introduce measures to further improve the said QMS, all for the benefit of the Districts’ internal and external customers.

Casiguran Water District acquired its ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) Certification last March 3, 2021. CWD is the first water district in the Province of Sorsogon to attain such a feat.

The CWD Board and Management, knowing fully well that ISO-QMS Certification assures the agency’s continual improvement, always maintaining risk-based thinking and a customer-focused operation, exerts maximum efforts to pass the annual mandatory Surveillance Audit. The renewal of the said certification will come after three years.

The Audit yields four (4) Comments (CM), three (3) Good Practices (GP) and nine (9) Opportunity for Improvement (OFI). Most importantly, no Non-Conformities (NC) were seen, a testimony of the District’s adherence to the international standards of delivering services to its clients.

The highly trained TUV-Nord Auditors were Niel Patrick Ordiales, Evelyn Gentile and Geraldine Maguiat. The auditors were heard saying that the preparedness and passion for QMS is so evident among ISO Core Team and CWD Section Heads.