Casiguran’s Pride

orok_badgeOROK Cold Spring Resort’s iconic welcome badge.
Photo: Norman M. Habla

Owned and managed by Casiguran Water District, OROK Cold Spring Resort is Casiguran, Sorsogon’s haven for explorers and nature lovers. OROK spring, with its cold, fresh and crystal clear water holds great promise as the newest destination in Southern Luzon, Philippines. Located at the center of the world-famous Philippines’ tourist belt, from Mayon Volcano to Donsol Whale Shark Park, it is blessed with fresh, clear and cold cascading waters from the mountain ranges of Sorsogon Province.

OROK spring is located at Barangay Inlagadian, Casiguran, Sorsogon, with an elevation of about 240 meters above sea level, an estimated output of 345 liters per second, is the clearest natural flowing stream in this part of Bicol Region. It is 10 kilometers away from the Poblacion proper of Casiguran or a twenty-minute drive from Sorsogon City. OROK spring is now accessible by road, and tourist will surely enjoy the verdant greenery of Casiguran, the Cleanest and Greenest Municipality in the entire Bicol Region.

orok_stream2Water stream originating from underground aquifers of Brgy. Inlagadian and out to OROK spring.
Photo: Anthony ‘Max’ Azore

The water flows from Bulusan Mountain, through the mountain’s lush and untouched forest that keeps the water clear even during heavy rains. In a tourist map, OROK spring, is along the belt destinations spanning from Mayon Volcano, Cagsawa Ruins, Bulusan Lake, Donsol Whale Shark Park, and Rizal Beach at Gubat, Sorsogon. Notably, tourists and local visitors alike find this little paradise as much invigorating as all the other tourist spots in this part of the Bicol Region. Unknowingly, OROK Cold Spring Resort, under-developed that it is, has already surpassed the existing resorts and private recreational facilities as the local favorite.

What to Love

orok_diveA local tourist gracefully dives in to the overflowing swimming pool of OROK Cold Spring Resort.
Photo: Anthony ‘Max’ Azore

OROK Cold Spring Resort is one of the best-kept secrets of Bicolandia. Situated in the middle of woodlands, the resort is teeming with flora and faura and the fresh mountain air. Families will love the cold water of the OROK spring. The resort is so laid-back that one can just show up in everyday leisure wear any time of the day, it’s like being at home. Families can bring their own food and drinks without having to pay for corkage.

What To Check Out

  • The ice-cold water of the spring is a must. Take a dip with the kids and wash the summer heat away.
  • The spring also serves as a fish spa. Just sit or stand in the water and feel the tiny fish nibble off the dead skin of your feet. One will appreciate the fact that the fish are in their natural environment, and not contained in artificial tanks.

Traveler’s Tips

  • OROK Cold Spring Resort is 45 minutes away from Sorsogon City, which takes 12 hours to reach by land from Metro Manila, so bring enough travel necessities (food, water, medicine, clothes).
  • It is best to be accompanied by someone very much familiar with the place, as there are tricky fork roads along the way. The main concrete road merges into a one-way path as you get closer to the resort.
  • Be there early in the day. It can get especially crowded, especially on weekends and as the day drags on.
  • There are grilling stations in the resort. Bring seafood and meat for barbecue (always a hit with kids).

Money Matters

  • Entrance fee for adult is P40.00 & only P30.00 for kids below 11yrs old. Day cottages may be rented starting at P150.00.