History of Casiguran Water District

casiguran-welcome           The Municipality of Casiguran is located at the southmost tip of Bicol Peninsula. It is about 18 kilometers south of the City of Sorsogon, the provincial capital. It is bounded by the City of Sorsogon in the north, by Juban in the south, by Gubat, Barcelona and Bulusan in the east. This coastal town, with a flat to gradually sloping terrain, has farming and fishing as the main sources of income.

           The water supply system of Casiguran was originally constructed in 1932 thru a grant from the U.S government. This water system was designed to serve the towns of Casiguran and Juban. In 1948, the management of the system was transferred to the National Waterworks and Sewerage Authority and then to the municipal government in 1973. Sometime in 1986, the Casiguran Rural Works and Sanitation Association(RWSA) were created which in turn took over the management of the system. It was dissolved in 1988, whereupon the Casiguran Water District was officially formed on October 10, 1988 and was issued a Conditional Certificate of Conformance number 366. The District then formally took over the management and operation of the system, assuming all the assets and liabilities of the defunct RWSA under the leadership of Mr. Artemio H. Huet. Among the liabilities are Php 2,841,151.10 worth of piping materials loaned from also the defunct RWDC.

Photo: Norman M. Habla

In 1990, a Php 7.862 level III loan granted by LWUA was used to finance the installation of transmission and distribution pipelines and service connections, and the construction of chlorinating facility, break pressure chambers and source intake box. On July 18,1992, the newly completed water supply system was inaugurated. It is to serve the whole poblacion, barangays Inalagadian, Escuala, San Juan, Tigbao and San Antonio. Another Php 1.164 M level III loan was availed in 1994, to implement the Php 1M grant from the Countrywide Development Fund of Congressman Salvador Escudero III. And for a total amount of Php 1.172 ( Php 1M grant and Php 0.742 loan availments), the service area was extended to five adjoining barangays namely Colambis, Rizal, Ponong, trece Martires and Boton.

The first Chairman of the Board was Ruiz Jersey. He was followed by Chairman Gregorio Hare, Chairman Wilfredo Guantero, Chairman Eduardo P. Tejada and Chairman Carlos Baloloy. Past members of the Board were Jose Hitosis, Dionesio Bunao, Monserat de Jesus, Edilberto Geres, Pilar M. Refumanta, Federico Habla, Vicente Agong, Antonio Mateos, Gerry Grajo, Hilario Hachero and Mario Gonzales. Ruiz Jersey is still with the District as Chairman while Chairman Eduardo P. Tejada is now the General Manager.

cwd_orok2018OROK Cold Spring Resort
Photo: Norman M. Habla

OROK SPRING. This is the main water source of the District, recently acquired thru court settlement. Now it provides not only potable water but unlimited thrill and relaxation for local and foreign tourists. Part of the proceeds of the Orok Cold Spring Resort goes to Watershed Protection Program.