On February 19, 2021, the Pipeline Expansion Project at Purok 7, Casay Casiguran was completed. The project was implemented by Casiguran Water District; funds sourced out from CWD Internally Generated Fund and Barangay Funds of Casay.

The project consists of 2,100 meters of 100 mm P.E pipe interconnected from the existing 200 mm PVC Mainline. According to Barangay Kagawad Rogelio “Elyong” Pura, who was instrumental in the realization of the joint endeavor, the project is expected to serve some 50 residents of Purok 7, Casay, Casiguran, Sorsogon, who, for so long a time, have been longing for safe piped water supply.

It was on August 11, 2020 when Casay Punong Barangay Teotimo G. Tisoy requested the District that Purok 7 of his barangay be connected to CWD water system. Attached to his letter request was a Barangay Supplemental Budget Appropriation Ordinance 2019 whereby an amount of P 150,000.00 was allocated for the pipeline expansion project. The said amount covers only 25% of the needed amount for the project. The remaining 75% was shouldered by the District.

The subject project was approved by CWD Board of Directors under the leadership of Chairman Ruiz H. Jersey, through BOD Resolution No. 2020 -24, way back October 1, 2020.  

GM Eduardo P. Tejada said that the District will continue to exert maximum effort to expand its services to cover larger population of Casiguran. He further said that the District will always appreciate and in fact encourage joint project implementation with barangay governments.