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Casiguran Water District named and recognized People’s Choice and Novelty Champions during the short program for World Water Day Celebration on March 22, 2022.

The three (3) Novelty Champion Awardees were Mr. Simeon H. Haboc, Mr. Rolly De La Torre and Mr. Bernardo D. Bo. They were given the award in recognition of their relentless pursuit to develop and operate Ram Pump for resort goers at Orok. Since the pump is not using electricity to bring water to higher elevation, particularly at overhead tank, CWD is saving substantial amount of money. Orok Cold Spring Resort is owned and managed by CWD, generating substantial revenue for the District, making the water rates in Casiguran one of the lowest in the Philippines.

One (1) People’s Choice Awardee was also named in the person of Ms. Zyrene P. Labalan who likewise received a certificate of appreciation and tokens from the CWD management. The awardee was voted by her co-employees for such an award. Ms. Zyrene garnered the most number of votes from among the 40 employees.

The Casiguran Water District believes that employees should be motivated constantly by highlighting, thru awards and recognition, commendable accomplishments. This will eventually redound to the greater good not only of the district but also of the public they vowed to serve.

The awards is also expected to inspire others to take that extra mile in serving the public.