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“Casiguran Water District joins the celebration of World Water Day at Orok Cold Spring ResortInlagadian, Casiguran on March 22, 2023. With the theme “Accelerating Change”, CWD conducted various activities to promote and emphasize further the importance of water. Sorsogon City Water District, Prime Water Sorsogon City, and Abejo Waters Corporation also joined the celebrations.

March 22 of any given year, World Water Day is celebrated. This is done world-wide to raise awareness of the importance of freshwater and to promote its sustainability. In 1993, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution designating the day as a yearly occasion. This day is an opportunity to learn more about water-related issues, to be inspired to tell others, and to take action to change things. Water is a basic component of life. Water is critical for creating jobs and promoting economic, social, and human progress in addition to being necessary for quenching thirst and sustaining progress.

Tree planting at Orok watershed highlighted the event. With CWD’s owned Tree Nursery, the attendees were provided with seedlings. After taking some group pictures for documentation purposes, the groups proceeded to the previously identified designated area that needs more forest cover. Thereafter, light snacks of locally sourced-out kakanin with matching kape barako were served. 

When everyone settled down, after sharing some light moments with partners in the water industry, a short program ensued. General Manager Eduardo P. Tejada delivered his opening message, thanking everyone for taking time to be in solidarity with CWD in expounding the importance of fresh water, its proper use and sustainability; dwelling on the World Water Day Theme – “Accelerating Change.” He emphasized that change should be positive and should begin with everyone’s little own ways of conserving the now-depleting fresh water.  

GM Tejada acknowledged the presence of Chairman Ruiz H. Jersey, Vice Chairman Mamerto D. Te, BOD Secretary-BOD Member Engr. Bryan B. Espedido, Director Neney V. Labalan and Director Eduardo T. Frivaldo, all of Casiguran Water District.

Director Nancy L. Valdez and Director Engr. Jonathan G. Fortades of Sorsogon City Water District were likewise acknowledged. Employees of SCWD, Primewater, and Abejo Waters Corporations who came in full force for the occasion were also given due recognition. Primewater is headed by Branch Manager Ronel Roger S. Pereyra while Abejo was led by Plant Manager Biff D. Bulanon. Incidentally, CWD is supplying water in bulk to Sorsogon City.

Director Nancy Valdez also delivered a message in which she emphasized the importance of water in a person’s life. Furthermore, the Branch Manager of Prime Water Engr. Pereyra highlighted the importance of planting trees, saying that it will enable many people to have access to clean water for many years to come. The Plant Manager of Abejo Waters Corporation Biff D. Bulanon stated in his message that planting trees will lead to a better and greener future.

The activity was also graced by Casiguran Mayor Maria Minez Hamor as guest of honor and she highlighted the importance of water. The Hon. Mayor recognized the CWD BOD and management for the relentless efforts in securing the source of water not only for the benefit of the Municipality of Casiguran but also of the neighboring municipalities and city. LGU Casiguran will always be supportive of water district’s noble endeavor, after all access to safe water is a human right, the young and amiable Mayor said.

Each group came with a pre-assigned dish for lunch creating a sumptuous meal to the delight of everyone. The event turned out to be a momentous get-together of people with common dreams and aspirations of helping safe-water finds its way. The rest of the day was devoted to meetings of focal persons in relation to upcoming collaborations. CWD BOD also conducted its 2nd Regular Meeting for the month of March 2023. Extemporaneous singing event made the day for everyone. CWD Band showcased and displayed its prowess in providing music accompaniment.  

The closing message was delivered by Director Eduardo T. Frivaldo. He said that problems concerning water resources are vital and will become more so in the upcoming years if the people, the water users, will not do swifter action to solve them. He added that urbanization, sanitation, climate change, natural catastrophes, and the environment are just a few of the many components of the contemporary water crisis that, while they must all be dealt with separately, are all interconnected.”