The Casiguran Water District celebrates World Water Day on March 22, 2018 at Orok Cold Spring Resort, Inlagadian, Casiguran, Sorsogon. With the given theme: Nature for Water, the CWD management deemed it proper to launch a whole-year-round tree planting activity at Inlagadian watershed in support also of its very own “Grow a Tree” program.

The Board of Directors headed by Chairman Ruiz H. Jersey and CWD personnel as headed by GM Eduardo P. Tejada came in full force. Simple salo-salo featuring native delicacies were served. Hired local Acoustic Band played their music, occasionally inserting old-time-favourites music of Asin, emphasizing that importance of protecting mother-nature.

Chairman Jersey in his message emphasized the importance of maintaining forest cover at Inlagadian watershed. He noted that the abundant supply of Orok Spring may vanish; thus the need for the District to spearhead and take the forefront on protecting, maintaining and improving its watershed.

The District is presently sustaining two Tree Nurseries, one at the Ground Reservoir in Brgy Lungib and the other one at Brgy. Inlagadian, located within the 4 hectares property of the District. These nurseries produced thousands of tree planting materials.

The District has encouraged various organizations and groups to join in its crusade of planting trees at Inlagadian watershed by giving incentives such as free entrance and free cottage rentals at CWD’s Orok Cold Spring Resort. Planting materials are also made available for them anytime of the year.