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Casiguran Water District as headed by GM Eduardo P. Tejada attended consultative meeting with Samahang Magsasaka ng San Juan Irrigator’s Association (SMSIA) last September 3, 2021 at San Juan Barangay Hall, Casiguran, Sorsogon.

The meeting intends to thresh out issues relative to the implementation of CWD project: Construction of Surface Water Treatment Facility at Inlagadian, Casiguran using the surface water of Talinga River. CWD intends to lay the pipelines from the extraction point to the proposed treatment plant parallel and beneath the existing canal of SMSIA.

 GM Tejada explained before the farmers the importance of the subject project saying that the never ending increase of the number of concessionaires and the consequent increase of water demands prompted the District to develop additional water sources and acquire necessary funds from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).

The GM added that the District was granted the necessary Environmental Clearance Certificate and Water Permit from EMB-DENR and NWRB respectively.

Engr. Jomar Venus, Acting Head of CWD Production Section, through a powerpoint presentation, explained the mandate of CWD and the details of the project. Also in attendance were CWD staff: Louie H. Rafer, Ruby R. Buban, Simeon H. Haboc, Norman M. Habla and Simeona D. Hibo.

Socorro Rosas, President of SMSIA, asked for the assurance of CWD officials that they will not be affected by the project. GM Tejada assured the farmers that the District will only utilize the excess water from the farmer’s existing irrigation canal, hence they will not in any way be affected. GM’s assurance was anchored on the premise that the existing extraction point of the irrigators’s canal is located upstream while the Districts proposed intake box is located downstream.

The farmers unanimously expressed support for the proposed project. They, however, asked the District for help in maintaining the efficiency of their existing canal. The District, through the GM, assured the farmers that it will extend assistance and in fact repair the present visible defects. 

The parties agreed for mutual cooperation and further agreed to come up with a formal Agreement.