How to Avail the Service

Step Applicant/Client Office Activity Duration (approx.) Person(s) Responsible


Inquiry of new Service Connection. 1. Explaination on how to avail water service.

2. Conducts interview & process of application form. Advice client to wait for the inspection report.

5-10 min.

Cecil / Zyrene/ Rex


Accomplish the application form while waiting to inspection report. 1. Forward to plumber the inspection report form to conduct site inspection. 3 min

Cecil/ Zyrene/ Rex

2. Conduct site inspection and accomplished the inspection report form, then bring it back to commercial unit. 20 min. to 1 hour



Submit the accomplished application form to commercial unit. 1.Recieve and review the application form. Computes the materials &miscellaneous fees then give it back to client. 3 min.

Cecil/ Zyrene/ Rex


1.Conducts orientation seminar. After the orientation seminar, advice the client to pay fees 1 hour

Cecil / Zyrene / Rex

5 Bring the accomplished application form to the cashier to pay fees. 1.Recieve payment and issue OR, then forward the application form to Gm 5 min.


6 1.Approval of the application form and bring it back to commercial unit. 2 min.

GM Teds

7 2.Forward the processed and approved application form to plumbers.

(for installation)

2 min.