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Director Raymundo V. Atendido of the Civil Service Commission, Provincial Office, conducted a Forum on Public Sector Unionism (EO 180) and the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) before CWD employees on November 21, 2018 at CWD Conference Room.

The Forum emphasized the rights of government employees to form, join and assist employees’ organizations of their own choosing for the furtherance and protection of their interest. The employees referred to are the rank-in-file employees.

Director Atendido gave the step by step procedures on how to form and organize a union. He committed himself to be of help during the formation and the eventual operation of the said union, which is synonymous to association. He emphasized that the employees union or association is not in any way anti-management and should not be construed as such.

The second part of the Forum was the discussion on Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM). Director Atendido pointed out that the Civil Service Commission endeavours to – (a) Establish Career Service; (b) Promote Morale, efficiency, integrity, responsiveness and courtesy in public service; (c) strengthen the merit reward system; (d) Integrate HR development programs for all levels and ranks; and (d) Institutionalize management climate conducive to public accountability.

The four (4) A’s of PRIME-HRM was also discussed, namely – Assess (Self-assessment), Assist, Assess (on-site assessment) and Award.

Director Atendido, the newly appointed CSC Provincial Director of Sorsogon, committed to be of help to Casiguran Water District towards the attainment of Excellent Public Service Delivery.

Director Atendido has an impressive qualification and experience. He successfully climbed up the ladder until he was promoted as Director II in 2011. He is one of the accredited Coaches of the Leadership and Management Certification Program (C-PRO) which was launched by CSC in 2014. He is a certified facilitator in various CSC Learning and Development interventions, such as: Competency-Based Training, Public Sector Unionism, ARTA and SPMS.