The Casiguran Water District in its effort to continuously protect its water source actually planted more trees at Inlagadian forest last July 13, 2018. CWD employees led by Cecilio E. Habalo Jr., troop to Inlagadian with a firm resolve to continue and sustain CWD’s Watershed Protection Program.

Some 164 Narra trees taken from the District’s Tree Nursery were added to the dwindling number of trees in the Inlagadian forest where the District’s main and only water source is located. The said water source is a spring with an estimated output of 380 lps at an elevation of 350 above sea level, considered one of the best in the Bicol Region.
The Tree Planting activity is included in the three main components of the District’s Watershed Protection Program. It is within the District’s plan to make the said activity a continuous and relentless one. Towards this end, the District maintains two Tree Nurseries, one in Lungib, Casiguran, where the Ground Reservoir is located and the other one in Inlagadian, Casiguran just within the vicinity of the spring source. The other components of the Watershed Protection Program are Livelihood for nearby residents of Inlagadian and Educational Campaign to start with elementary pupils.

The CWD Tree Nurseries enables the District to make tree planting materials available all year round. Various kinds of trees are made to grow to be ready to reinforce the forest cover of Inlagadian. Domestic trees are also propagated, some of them nearing extinction.

The Local Government of Casiguran as headed by the Hon. Jose Edwin B. Hamor supported the District’s endeavour. The LGU’s Municipal Agriculture Office and MENRO did send their representatives to witness and be of help in the tree planting activity. Mr. Benigno Bejison, Municipal Agricultural Officer, personally attended the actual planting of trees.