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The Kabalikat Civicom, a Non-Government Civic Organization, planted trees at the watershed area of Casiguran Water District, Inlagadian, Casiguran, Sorsogon on June 12, 2021.

Chapter 369 (Matnog) and 414 (Casiguran) of Kabalikat Civicom joined forces to advance their advocacy in protecting the environment thru tree planting.

The organization in order to implement the worthwhile undertaking coordinated with Casiguran Water District (CWD). In a letter dated June 7, 2021, it says in part: It is our intention to partner with you and the institution for the said endeavor and hoping to ensure the sustainability of adequate water source in the community.”

CWD provided to Kabalikat Civicom free entrance and free use of cottages at Orok Cold Spring Resort. The said resort, owned and managed by CWD, is considered a premier tourist destination in the province. CWD has been providing this privilege if only to encourage tree planting activities in the watershed. After all, it is a given and established notion that the sustainability of Orok Spring largely depends on the population of trees holding the soil that serves as natural reservoir.

Orok Spring still yields a considerable volume of safe water. An estimated of 380 liters per second output enable the District to supply water to Casiguran, Juban, Gubat and portion of Sorsogon City. 

CWD also provided ready-to-plant young trees for the said tree planting activity. The District maintains Tree Nurseries to make planting materials readily available all-year round.

Chapter 369 of Matnog is headed by its Chapter President in the person of Bella M. Medice. Chapter 414 of Casiguran is headed by Francisco H. Duka Jr and represented by Noli R. Habal during the activity.

The Kabalikat group mustered 15 members and was able to plant 25 narra trees and 25 mahogany trees. It may not be too huge a number but definitely an enormous effort and certainly well appreciated by CWD.

After the tree planting activity, the group proceeded to the nearby Nagsipit Falls, another tourist destination in the municipality, and conducted clean-up drive. Another noble activity worthy of emulation.

The pandemic has stalled environment-protection activities for more than a year now. It is a good to note that a vibrant civic group like Kabalikat has revived that lonely battle to protect the environment and to assure the sustainability of safe-water supply.