List & Definitions of Frontline Services

Installation: New Service Connection

Granted to those who would want to avail water service from the District upon completion of required documents and fees.

Installation: Gate Valve(s)

Rendered to concessionaire(s) who requested for the service upon payment of corresponding fees.

Service Connection Repairs

Rendered for concessionaires who report problems in their water service connection(s), e.g. leakage, busted stand pipes, etc.

Meter Calibration & Testing

Provided upon client request. This is usually done to ensure accurate reading of water meter for the benefit of concessionaires.

Change of Ownership

Service rendered for concessionaires requesting the transfer/change of ownership of the service connection.

Meter Replacement

If found defective, initially installed water meter will be replaced scheduled after concessionaire’s notification to the District office.

Service Reclassification

Service rendered in changing classification of concessionaire’s service connection and billing, e.g. Residential to Commercial or Vice Versa.

Meter Relocation

To relocate water meter from one place to another as requested by concessionaire or if necessary.

Tapping Relocation

Tapping relocation from main pipelines as requested by the concessionaire(s).

Service Reconnection

Upon completion of requirements and/or settlement of payables, reconnection of service is rendered.

Temporary Disconnection

As per request of the concessionaire, temporary service disconnection may be granted.

Billing Adjustments

Done if incorrect meter reading performed by the District’s Meter Reading Personnel was encoded.

Certificate Release

As per request of the concessionaire or client.

Plumbing Service

Technical or water service maintenance may be provided for residential and commercial plumbing provided it is done after the District’s office hours. Reasonable fees apply.

Promissory Notes

Granting of concessionaire(s) promissory note is possible for those with a maximum of 3 unpaid bills provided it is signed by registered consessionaire.

Field Collection

Field collection officers accepts and issues Official Reciepts for payments of materials purchased and/or transactions done with the District.

Office Collection/Cashier

Concessionaires may pay corresponding or partial payment to the District office collection/cashier’s office. Official Reciepts will be provided for payments of materials purchased and/or transactions done.

Certificate of Appearance

Issued as proof of presence for clients who appeared and has conducted official transaction with the district.

Documents & Records Release

Document(s) and other records may be issued to requesting individual/office.