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The Casiguran Water District (CWD) on its first regular meeting on January 11, 2023 opted to continue functioning with the same set of officers, effectively maintaining leadership status quo.

BOD Chairman Ruiz H. Jersey will still be the Chairman of the Board, making him the longest serving Chairman. Vice Chair Mamerto D. Te was likewise elected as Vice Chairman. Engr. Brian B. Espedido will still be the Secretary. The officers will serve for another two (2) years.

The action of the Board was embodied in Resolution Number 2023 – 01. It will be recalled that Chairman Ruiz H. Jersey was recently re-appointed as member of the Board by Mayor Maria Minez R. Hamor. Chairman Jersey, 80 years old, will represent again the Business Sector. He is a seasoned policy maker and his appointment is expected to be confirmed by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).

Mamerto D. Te and Engr. Brian B. Espedido of Education and Professional Sectors respectively, were both appointed to the BOD on December 14, 2020. Other members of the Board are Neney V. Labalan of Women Sector and Eduardo T. Frivaldo of the Civic Sector.

The Board of Directors of CWD is the highest authority of the District. As a collegial body, all authorities and powers of the District emanate from BOD as per PD 198.