The Casiguran Water District Board of Directors conducted its first Board meeting at CWD Conference Room on January 7, 2021. The first meeting of the year was highlighted with the election of its officers.

Director Ruiz H. Jersey was re-elected as Chairman of the Board. Mamerto D. Te and Brian B. Espedido were elected Vice Chairman and Secretary respectively of the BOD.

Dir. Te, representative from Education Sector, and Dir. Espedido, representative from Professional Sector, are new members of the Board.

The two neophyte directors gladly accepted the challenge. They both expressed their willingness to be of help to the Board as policy makers. They, however, said that inasmuch as they are newcomers, they will still need some time to adjust and learn the intricacies of being member of the BOD.

GM Eduardo P. Tejada with the approval of the Chairman, gave some orientation to the new members, citing some pertinent provisions of PD 198. He further committed to always adhere to the wise wisdom of the BOD being the highest authority of the District. He further said that he will be expecting for the BOD to continue to limit its function as policy maker and will provide him support as he performs detailed management.

The Board of Directors of Casiguran Water District has always been supportive to the Management all these years. The harmonious working relationship of BOD and Management has always been translated to better delivery of public services.